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Current status of project activities

Activity no. 1 Investment activity

Multifunctional facility for children and youth in the Municipality of Stráne pod Tatrami - Public procurement started by sending a call for tenders to the gazette on April 22, 2021, the contract with the successful supplier at the amount of €1,077,881.55 was signed on March 14, 2022. Construction supervision - The contract with the successful supplier at the amount of €14,400 was signed on March 24, 2022. The construction site was taken over on April 22, 2022. In the monitoring period, the implementation of the foundation structures, implementation of reinforced concrete footings and belts took place. Subsequently, compacted embankments and base layers of gravel and sand were implemented under a reinforced reinforced concrete slab. Insulation against soil moisture was carried out, under the load-bearing masonry and partitions. At the same time, load-bearing brickwork, formwork and removal of reinforced concrete columns, beams and crowns were implemented. After the realization of all supporting vertical and horizontal structures, the assembly of steel and wooden trusses took place, including surface treatments (fireproof and anti-rot coatings). Subsequently, the installation of roof sandwich panels on steel trusses and the installation of semi-permeable foil, contralat, board cover on wooden trusses was carried out. After the implementation of waterproofing on boards, a wooden supporting structure was made for the implementation of thermal insulation of mineral wool ceilings. In the last stage, the masonry of partitions, installation of steel door frames and ceramic lintels was carried out. In addition to the works on the main building, a connection with a connection to the collection point, a water connection with a water measuring shaft and a water meter was realized. Excavation of the terrain, compaction of the base and underlying layers of aggregates were carried out on the reinforced areas.

Activity no. 2 Publicity and supporting activities

Promotion and dissemination of the project is carried out continuously as part of the activity. A website was created: . The recipient proceeds on the basis of publicity measures and publishes information in accordance with the Requirements for information and publicity according to Annex no. 3 of the Regulations and the Communication and Design Manual issued by the ÚFM (Communication and Design Manual). Marketing services are carried out on the basis of market research carried out and checked. Promotion of the project: Promotional materials were tendered by the society Empire. Promotional materials: posters, rollups, notepads, bags, leaflets, pens are used to promote the project and the temporary attraction is the marked building.

Activity no. 3 Activities in health category

From 03/2022, the following activities are taking place in the CENTER #3 Leisure Center Rakusy:

Conscious and healthy citizen - 1 hour per week, 20 children.

We develop through play - 3 times a week for one hour. 6 children in one lesson.

A strong spirit in a strong body (03-04/2022) - 4 hours a week - 1 hour 4 times a week. 10 children in one lesson.

Dancing for health - 2 hours once a week, 20 children a week.

Summer school - took place during the months of 07-08/2022, 5 times a week, with the participation of 20 children.

Activity no. 4 Activities in education category

From 03/2022, the Virtual Library activity takes place 1 hour a week with the participation of 10 children in the CENTER #3 Leisure Center Rakusy

Activity no. 5 Activities in housing category

From 03/2022, the activity "Be clean, be healthy" takes place in CENTER #2 in the Community Center in the Municipality of Rakúsy. These concern social services addressed to vulnerable groups of the population living in poor housing conditions. Services focused on washing and drying clothes and linen, personal hygiene and consulting services in this area. The services of the personal hygiene center are aimed at creating conditions for the performance of necessary basic personal hygiene for persons who do not have the conditions for ensuring basic hygiene needs.Due to the great interest in these services, the capacities were expanded, new dryers were purchased and the opening hours were extended by 10 hours a week.

Activity no. 6 Activities in employment category

From 10/2022, the activity Career and job counseling takes place in CENTER #6 in the Center for career and job counseling. Career counseling for pupils and students currently continuing their further education, carried out individually and in group form, aimed at finding a suitable professional direction and obtaining information about occupations and applicability on the labor market. Individual and group job counseling for getting a job. As part of individual counseling: detailed mapping of the professional orientation of individual project participants, barriers to entry into the labor market and joint search for solutions. Within group counseling: development of social and communication skills and functional literacy.

Activity no. 7 Data management, visualization and research dissemination

From 03/2022, activity 7 is ongoing, in the framework of which ongoing video conferences with the Norwegian partner are taking place. The course of activity 7 has been determined. The Norwegian partner for the development of target materials needs input data, which the recipient supplies to him based on the course of educational activities. Within the monitoring period, the 1st output was developed in the form of a report, which contains measures and methodology for improving the access of vulnerable children and youth to education and the labor market. The document is in English and will be translated into Slovak.

Activity no. 8 Creation of new jobs

From 03/2022, activity 8 takes place in CENTER #2 - Community center in the Municipality of Rakúsy. In the center, a full-time operator of the premises used for the services provided within the project was hired. The content of her work is leading and taking care of the smooth operation of the managed premises.




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